The Estimate Is The Bill

Colorado Tree Service Professionals: “Experience” – “Dedication” – “Integrity”…

     We’ve had some confusion this year related to billing. Some customers have assumed that they might receive a final bill that is different from the estimate; this is not the case. In seven years in business, we have never changed the final price that was quoted on the estimate. Only when additional work is added or removed from the project will we vary from the total cost.

     We work closely with all of our customers to make sure that every aspect of the job is completed according to their specifications. We also provide very detailed written estimates so that it is absolutely clear what work will be performed for the given price. Detailed estimates also help the crew accomplish the given tasks correctly. It may seem trivial, but writing out highly detailed invoices saves a lot of frustration and unwanted headaches down the road.

     All of our prices are guaranteed to remain the same from start to finish. Many times we have even honored estimated prices months after the estimate has expired. As long as the scope of work doesn’t change, then the price shouldn’t change either. It takes a lot of experience to accurately estimate tree work. Many factors come into consideration when bidding work, but we do our best to bid jobs according to the time it will take to get the work done safely. There have been a few jobs in the past that we have substantially underbid and it took us a lot longer to finish than first expected. We still did a great job for those customers without complaining and we stuck to the price that we quoted.

     I do believe that the most important key to doing business is integrity. If we promise something, then you can be sure that we will honor that. Even if it is a verbal agreement, we will be sure to follow up on that as well. But we are much more likely to put it in writing and make a binding agreement to provide our services at a set price. We don’t play games, and there are no tricks. We just try to provide the best level of service possible at a competitive rate. There will be no surprises at the end, because the estimate is the bill.

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