From The Owner

Colorado Tree Service Professionals: “Experience” – “Dedication” – “Integrity”…

     I felt the need to add a page to our website, in order to convey to the folks out there just what we are all about. It is going to be less about trees and more about our relationships with customers and the goals we have set for this company. All the content on this site has been written by me, an Arborist; and I will apologize now for all of the grammatical errors.

     As always, my goal is to be as helpful and informative as I can be. You will never hear me talk bad about another company, but I feel it is my duty to tell anyone that will listen… just what a great company Advanced Tree Service, LLC has become. Due to an endless amount of determination and setting of high standards, we have established ourselves as one of the highest rated tree service companies in the Colorado Springs area. If you read it here, then it’s no marketing scheme. It is the truth. It’s how we operate every day. And if it sounds far-fetched, put us to the test and we won’t let you down.

     This page is not here to tell you what we will do, or what we’re planning on doing. It is here to spread the word about what we have already been doing for years. We provide a level of service that seems to have disappeared long ago. Making sure every customer is happy to the best of our abilities is no easy task, but we do it anyways. It’s hard to trust someone and trusting a company is even harder. But we stick by our word every time. We are the company that does a great job even when no one is watching. We are the company that says every day “if you don’t like it, we will come back and fix it at no extra charge.” A long time ago, a man taught me the meaning of a very important word, one that almost everything hinges on; and that word is Integrity. Integrity is the blood that pumps through the heart of this business!

     There will be much more to follow on this page. Most of it will be about our promise to the customers and the community; Promises in which we intend to keep. There is only one way for us to do business, and that is to continue to excel in every aspect. We can’t just be as good as the next guy. We have to do better. We may not always have the most expensive equipment or the highest bank roll, but we will always have the happiest customers!

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