Tree Removal

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As a licensed tree service, tree removal is one of the most dangerous jobs that we take on in the Colorado Springs area. Our customers often comment that we make it look easy, but it is definitely not an easy task. Taking down a sixty foot tree that weighs over two tons with houses, fences, and wires all around can be a challenge for the mind and the body.

We first started removing storm damaged trees in 1998 after an ice storm hit the east coast. Since then we have seen and worked in just about every situation imaginable: trees on top of other trees, houses, power lines, vehicles, and trees on fire. We call these hazard trees and the possibility of death in these situations can be a bit overwhelming. It takes a heightened sense of awareness, and nerves of steel to handle these jobs safely; especially when it’s raining, windy, and dark outside.

Over fifteen years of experience has taught us that every precaution must be taken to avoid injuries and damage to property on a tree removal job. An arborist must expect the unexpected. It only takes a second to make a mistake and there is no going back. If the tree is unstable due to wind damage, rot, or soil erosion, the risks expand exponentially. Every possible outcome must be considered before we can even start the job. A lengthy inspection of the tree and the surrounding structures must be taken into consideration. The entire crew has to be made aware of all the possible risks for an accident. Identifying the high risk areas of the tree removal job before commencing work helps us prevent unnecessary damage and injuries.

Due the high numbers of deaths and injuries involved in tree care, we urge you to consider the possibilities when hiring a tree service to remove or trim your trees. If you just look at the price when making this decision, you may be headed for trouble. Extensive experience in the field is critical as well as a good safety record. A contractor should be concerned and aware of the risks. A proactive approach with safety as the number one goal should result in a job well done.

At Advanced Tree Service, LLC, we demand that our workers follow all OSHA and ISA guidelines for a safe work environment. Proper training is essential followed up with examples of actual accidents and statistics. We encourage them to take breaks as needed, especially in the summer heat. We stress the importance of rest and nutrition to them. Alcohol and drug use is strictly forbidden. This is our rule: safety is not something that we can compromise for any reason.

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