Fire Mitigation

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We can’t stress enough how important proper fire mitigation is at this time. We’ve all seen and experienced the devastating effects wildfires can have on our community. We work diligently with our customers to create a fire safe landscape while preserving as much of the natural habitat as possible.

When assessing the risks around your property there are many mitigation factors to consider. Trees and brush around the property are usually the first things to come into consideration. It is recommended to maintain a fifteen foot barrier between structures and trees or shrubs. It is absolutely critical to keep this barrier free of debris and fuels such as leaves, pine needles, dead branches, and pine cones. Lower tree branches may need to be removed and the surrounding brush thinned to reduce the ladder affect which allows flames to climb into the crown of the tree. It is fire wise to keep your entire property clean and free of accumulating dry tinder or debris, especially in your gutters or under your deck. Do not stack firewood next to your house.

Another important factor in considering fire risks is construction materials. Certain materials used in home construction can be highly flammable. Old cedar shake roofs, log homes, vinyl siding, and wood that is coated with polyurethane have a much greater risk of burning than stucco or stone. If you have a home built with high risk materials, you may want to double or triple the size of the defensible zone around your home. In doing so, you greatly increase the chances that firefighters will be able to save your home during a wildfire.

Before making any drastic decisions, it is best to get educated and request one or more professional assessments. There is a vast amount of useful information on the Colorado Springs city website and on the Colorado State University website as well. You can request a free assessment through the FIRE-WISE office and from local tree services. It is best to get involved with your neighbors and encourage them to be proactive as well.

As far as our record is concerned, we have spent years helping our customers to meet or exceed the guidelines set in place by insurance companies and the fire department. One thing that sets us apart from other tree services is that we guarantee our work. We take every measure to make sure your property will pass any inspection. Our work has never failed an inspection, but if it does not pass, we will promptly come back and correct the issue at no additional cost to the customer.

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