Watering in Winter?

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In these extremely dry conditions, absolutely! We have had little to no precipitation this winter and it will definitely stress the trees. Watering and fertilization are the front line defense to protecting the health of our trees. After this extended lack of moisture, you may end up seeing increased numbers of dead limbs this spring.

Most trees are dormant this time of year, but that doesn’t mean they can live without moisture. And since they are not getting much help from Mother Nature, you may want to pitch in to help ensure the sustained health of your trees. It really doesn’t require too much effort either. I usually recommend watering in the evening, but due to the colder temps at night, mid day might be the best time. If you’re going to hook up the hose, just make sure you unhook and drain it afterwards, or it will be frozen solid the next day and it may freeze your pipe as well. Some folks would rather use a bucket or watering can and that is fine too. Just try to apply the water as slow as possible. Rapidly dumping water will result in a large amount of run off and little amounts of water will actually reach the tree roots.
As long as there is no snow, I recommend watering once or twice a week when the temperatures are well above freezing. And remember, the larger the tree is, the more water and nutrients it will need to thrive. Normally you would not need to do this in winter, but the affects of drought and weather patterns often leave us with no other choice.

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