Colorado Tree Service Professionals: “Experience” – “Dedication” – “Integrity”…

– Our Dedication to You –

We operate mainly in the Colorado Springs area and continue to build our business by providing excellent customer service, competitive estimates and quality tree care. Improper pruning methods, by unskilled arborists with unsanitised tools, can prevent a tree from healing properly and lead to the spread of certain diseases. We at Advanced Tree Services LLC realize that most trees will inevitably outlive us and we make every effort to preserve this. as a result we are a company dedicated to conservation.

Our Services: (Residential & Commercial)

Shaping                          Tree Health Analysis
Thinning                          Tree Planting
Wind Sail Reduction     Cabling and Bracing
Crown Reduction           Soil Amendments and Water Management
Tree Removal                Risk Assessments
Stump Grinding             Disease and Insect Identification
Lot Clearing                   Brush Hauling
Hill Side Logging          Snow Removal
Storm Restoration        Fire Mitigation

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